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Send to our Lissone HeadQuarters your failing equipment. With our state of the art laboratory instrumentation and setup we will repair your devices granting you a service which is


Send your damaged equipment to the address hereunder and test our service.

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      Via Zanella, 21
      20851 - Lissone MB - ITALY



Call us and we will solve your problems. How? 50% of the failures and network malfunction are due to wrong settings, bad programming or error messages not taken into due consideration. We will follow you step by step providing you with a real time solution.


Call 24/7 our customer service

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A turn-key service, civil works, transmitter positioning, electrical wiring, cooling piping, RF connections, packing removal and old transmitters disposal.

We deliver a renewed site in optimal condition, with transmission systems certified and tested.




We perform Routine Maintenance on your broadcasting equipment. Our team will go directly on-site to perform all tasks required for a perfectly efficient site, from filter cleaning to equipment performance check, from electrical assesment to cooling system status verification.




Do you wish to verify and confirm the performances of your equipment? Do you have to perform a channel change? Do you want to make sure that your transmitter is operating at its peak specification?

CALL US for an on-site visit or SHIP US your equipment to our laboratory and we will perform a complete check-up of your system bringing it back to to its top performance.



Do you need to integrate equipment from different manufacturers? Do you require a custom monitoring and remote control system for your stations? Do you wish to upgrade the performance of your old transmitters?

Send us your request by using the CONTACT form on this site and we will come back to you with the best solution to your need!