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The COLWATER Line is the liquid power Multimode TV transmitter solution from COLOET.

The COLWATER Line gathers the solid-state, liquid-cooled TV transmitters by COLOET.

Excellent performance matches with ease of operation and reliability, providing the ideal solution for high-power TV stations.

Key facts:

  • Multimode platform – same hardware: System driver, low power transmitter, heterodyne transposer, regenerative transmitter, translator (integrated DVB-S2 receiver), gapfiller and Single Frequency Echo Canceller
  • Multistandard Transmitter: All digital / All analog in the same hardware
  • UP to 450Wrms / 500Wps
  • Power-optimized adaptive cooling – integrated coolant circulation system
  • 2x INPUT= SAT (S2 with CAMSlot), Ethernet, ASI= Hitless switch
  • Regenerative and SFN Gapfiller functionality
  • Freq. agile with static or adaptive pre-correction
  • BUILT in GPS receiver
  • Easy to use: web graphic interface GUI response.

Top-level output power in compact size: up to 12kW rms per cabinet, with integrated cooling circulation system to simplify equipment installation and handling.
Transmitter configurations are based on a combination of high gain amplifiers, V75 type, directly fed by the exciter. Each module includes a dedicated power supply. The choice of redundancy configurations includes dual drive (exciter std-by), passive reserve (1+1 or n+1) and active reserve.

The equipment parts are installed in 19” cabinets, featuring a remarkably short overall depth.
The RF filter is installed within or outside the cabinet, depending on the configuration and on the specific operation requirements.
Coolant circulation is carried out by redundant pumps, typically integrated in the transmitter cabinet, connected to outdoor heat exchanger(s).
Coolant flow, as well as fan speed of the heat exchanger, are adaptively controlled according to the actual cooling needs.
The coolant type, non-toxic and easy to dispose of, also allows for long service intervals and optimally preserves the cooling circuit parts.
Equipment operation is supervised by the COLOET control unit.